Brigadier-General Robert Bullock

BORN: 1828 in Greenville, NC.
DIED: 1905 in Ocala, FL.
CAMPAIGNS: Missionary Ridge,
Chickamauga, and Atlanta.
Brigadier General.

Brigadier-General Robert Bullock was one of the influential men of Florida before the war. When his
State seceded he gave his hearty support to her decision; organized a company in Marion county,
and when the Seventh Florida was organized he was made lieutenant-colonel. In 1862 this regiment
served in East Tennessee in the brigade of Gen. W. G. M. Davis. The department was at that time
commanded by Gen. E. Kirby Smith. At the time of the battle of Murfreesboro this brigade was still
in Smith's department, and on June 2d Lieutenant-Colonel Bullock was commissioned colonel. When
all available Confederate commands were being concentrated by Bragg to meet the advancing army
of Rosecrans, the Seventh Florida was one of the regiments assigned to Trigg's brigade of the division
of Gen. William Preston. The losses in this division at Chickamauga bear strong testimony to the
desperate nature of the fighting there. At the battle of Missionary Ridge the Seventh Florida fought in
the brigade of General Finley and the division of General Bate. In this brigade and division it
continued to serve throughout the Atlanta campaign under Colonel Bullock, who had already
distinguished himself as a cool and gallant commander. Some of the hardest fighting of the Atlanta
campaign was done by this division, and the Seventh Florida acted a gallant part in it all. During the
campaign into Tennessee Colonel Bullock led Finley's brigade, and was one of the gallant participants
in the terrible battle of Franklin. Maj.-Gen. Wm. B. Bate, in his official report of the Tennessee
campaign, pays a high compliment to Colonel Bullock. He says: "T. B. Smith, commanding Tyler's
gallantry were marked." Colonel Bullock came out of the Tennessee campaign with the temporary
rank of brigadier-general.
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