Throughout history, those who have won the wars have written the history. If
England had won the revolution war, not only would the writers and
supporters of the Declaration of Independence have been hanged, the flag
would be an everlasting symbol of wrong. This is similar to what has
happened to the Confederate flag.

First of all, the Confederate flag, in some people's eyes, is a symbol of hatred
towards African-Americans. This is completely incorrect. The Confederate
States was not formed because of slavery. Anyone that wanted a slave
owned one. What history fails to mention is that in the South, the title was
slave, but in the North, they became "indentured servants." This is merely a
way to soften the cold, hard truth that the North owned slaves. The harsh
treatment of slaves was incredibly wrong. However, history also will not tell
you that the percentage of mistreated slaves was incredibly low. A slave, by
today's standards, could cost anywhere from $100,000 to $500,000. How
many people pay this much money to have something to starve and beat until
dead? Actually, the real meaning behind the secession was taxes.

The North was incredibly rich due to one reason. Congress only allowed the
sale of the South's main goods such as cotton and tobacco to Northern
factories instead of shipping to other countries. Did the South get any of this
back? Well, of course, if they could pay the added tax that the finished
products had slapped on them for resale to the South. Oh, by the way, if you
think that heavy taxation and no one being there to represent the taxing party
is a horrible way to start the war, think about this: That's why the Revolution
was started. Those brave men that began knew this. The South remembered
The Confederate flag is a symbol of the ultimate bravery. These men
committed treason against something they knew was wrong. This happened
in the Revolution, and wrote the history. In the Civil War, the North wrote the
history and shed some very bad light on the South. It would be a much
different history book if the South had won. My beautiful home state of South
Carolina seceded because of heavy taxation, and a biased economy.

If you really want to know how much this flag means to us, remember the men
who died for to be free. The American flag, the flag of freedom, stands for the
same things the South fought for. Again, please don't think that this essay is
against the African-American or Northern community. It is just my thoughts
and historical evidence about the heritage of the Confederacy. If the flag
offends you, you need a history lesson. It will teach you the importance of
bravery and the importance of standing up for what you know is right. As far
as I am concerned, the Confederate flag does not stand for hate. It stands for
heritage and bravery. It is one of the world's most beautiful flags. Keep it