Racism against White Americans
In the United States, there have been some crimes
committed against whites on the basis of their ethnicity.
According to columnist Earl Ofari Hutchinson, FBI
statistics indicate that more than 20% of hate crimes
are committed by Blacks, and most of the victims of
those crimes are white.
The Nation of Islam, a religious and social/political
organization with the self-proclaimed goal of improving
the condition of the Black people in America, is
regarded as racist, antisemitic and anti-white.
Some Black nationalists propagate pseudo history to
emphasize alleged Black superiority over whites. There
are more hate crimes against whites than against
Hispanics, Asians, American-Indians and multiple-race
groups. By contrast, the National Criminal Victimization
Survey, finds that per capita rates of hate crime
victimization varied little by race or ethnicity, and the
differences are not statistically significant. The United
States Department of Justice compiles statistics on
crime by race, but only between and among people
categorized as black or white. These statistics state
that of more than 6.6 million violent crimes (murder,
rape, assault and robbery) are committed in the United
States each year, about 20% occur between white
offenders and black victims or black offenders and
white victims. In 2005, there were more than 645,000
victims of cross-racial violent crimes between blacks
and whites in the U.S. In 90 percent of those crimes,
black offenders attacked white victims.