Florida, Camp 301

The First Saturday of every Month we'll be having our
monthly spaghetti dinner from 4:00-8:00 pm.

AmVets Post 44
5521 Hwy 60
Plant City, Fl. 33567

Come get some vittles and sing some Karaoke with us.
$8.00 All you can eat!

We also have bottle Raffles and King of Clubs Raffle



   Hard Core Confederates
King of Clubs
Purchase tickets for your chance to win 50% - 50% in the King of Clubs Drawing.

$1 each ticket or
$5 = 6 tickets or
$10 = 15 tickets

Purchase your tickets for the drawing to win a chance to draw the King of Clubs and win the Jackpot. The Jackpot
consists of 50% of ticket sales per drawing plus the rollover from previous drawings with no winner. To win the
Jackpot your ticket must be drawn. If you are present and draw the King of Clubs you win the Jackpot. If you are not
present and your name is drawn, someone will draw a card for you. If the King of Clubs is drawn for you, you will
win 50% of the Jackpot. If the King of Clubs is not drawn, Jackpot rolls over and grows until King of clubs is drawn.
Each card drawn at each drawing that is not the King of Clubs will be torn up and discarded increasing your chances
of winning the growing Jackpot.
Show up to our events and participate in this game while you socialize and have fun with the Hard Core
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